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1-1 Tunnel Coaching

Tunnel Ninja flew into existence 2011 and has since helped thousands of sky diving enthusiasts, from total beginners to sky diving champions, better their skills in the wind tunnels.

Starting with one man, Ryan Arkle, who has a passion to help everyone get the most out of their experience. Ryan started his Sky diving journey coaching around Milton Keynes, Basinstoke, Bedford and Greater London, but quickly fell in love with the craft. He is considered one of the UK’s best coaches. Having placed in the 2015 UK Skydiving Nationals (Freestyle), the 2015 Bodyflight world challenge (2 way category) and the 2017 UK Skydiving Nationals (Freestyle), his skills are second to none.

Ryan’s passion for skydiving saw him travel the world in 2016 learning and jumping with some of the worlds best in Portugal, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and more.

He returned in 2017 and has since continued his passion of private coaching to fellow tunnel flyers and skydivers and has joined the newly formed Artistics team “Diablo Freestyle”. He is also sponsored by UK based skydiving suit makers Vertex (which you can check out HERE) and Freefall Gear Store (seen HERE).

“Lets go have some fun! The tunnel is a fantastic place to learn the how to fly in a safe environment, or even master your skydiving skills. And the best thing is that everyone can take part. Get skilled, have fun, get ninja!”
Ryan ‘Tunnel Ninja’ Arkle

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Learn the skills inside & take them to the sky!

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The Indoor Skydiving Specialists

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Let’s Test Your Limits And Push The Boundaries To The Max

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